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Niki Duncan, Safari Specialist

Direct Line: 818.649.1937 | E-mail:

She is a native Californian and started with African Travel almost from inception, being the third employee to join the company, and remained with us as a Senior Safari Specialist for 23 years.  She has handled literally thousands of clients over the years to all the major tourist & safari destinations on the continent and has visited these countries on numerous occasions.


Skip Bower

August 6th, 2018

"WE KNOW AFRICA" - the ultimate truth

We got home yesterday afternoon, tired but overjoyed. The safari was spectacular. Everyone had a great time and the kids and grandkids could not have been more effusive in their thanks to us for doing all we did.  The air travel worked perfectly.  The Serena hotels we stayed in were 5 star.  The 3 camps we stayed in were very comfortable and exciting.  Every night in our tents we heard lions, hyenas and other animals close by.  There is no better way to relax and drift into sleepiness than doing it within the sound of a lion's roar. The service from everyone at every location was great. Our 2 safari guides were extremely competent, knowledgeable and excellent drivers on some extremely difficult terrain. We saw a great many lions, elephants, hippos and the Great Migration of wildebeests.  There is no way that I had ever formed a mental picture of the incredible number of wildebeests and zebras that are concentrated together during this migration. On our last game drive in the final hour we saw 2 black rhinos; a mother and juvenile.  This was in the Serengeti where such sightings are extremely rare and 2 not just 1!  We had missed the rhinos in Ngorongoro and thought that was our best chance of seeing them, so to have seen them when we did was a huge surprise.  It completed the Big Five for us and left all of us feeling overwhelmed and fortunate.

Referring to African Travel's motto, "We know Africa" all I can say is it is not a marketing slogan it is the ultimate truth.  In the past 21 years you have planned 2 very different safaris for us.  The first in 1997 was an African adventure in Botswana and the canoe trip in Mana Pools.  This was exactly what my wife wanted and which I and our 2 daughters not only enjoyed, but still consider it to be the greatest trip we ever had.  Now, older and more desirous of luxury you put together the perfect trip again, which ranks with the 1st one.  Our grandkids couldn't believe the many wonderous things they saw. That was Phyllis' and my greatest hope for this safari and thanks to your understanding of us and your knowledge of Africa, you made it come true.  Kudos to you and everyone at African Travel who had a hand in arranging this safari.

Two weeks ago I thought this would be my final safari.  Now, after having had so much fun and such a great experience I can see myself calling you up in a couple of years and arranging something in Kenya or South Africa.  I have given your name and your company's name to a number of friends and clients who have asked about doing the same thing.  I know how important referrals are as that is the way I built my investment business.  I hope that my recommendations can bring you more business.

With the deepest appreciation and thankfulness from all 10 of us,


Skip Bower


David and Denise L.

June 12th, 2018

African Travel was Easy to Work With

I just wanted to let you know that our trip to Tanzania exceeded our expectations. Our Kibo guide Shabani Pembe was "the best of the best." The Gold Standard of what a guide should be. His passion for sharing Tanzania and its culture, his knowledge of wildlife, his attention to every detail of our safari, regarding our rooms, the meals (he even had the cooks at our last camp make my favorite soup (Tomato) on our last night), last but not least he always made sure we were always safe. African Travel was easy to work with for our trip plans. They sent all the information needed to help us know what we should take or not take, a detailed trip itinerary including meals and drinks included at each site, tip suggestions. I would recommend African Travel for your Africa travel plans.


Sincerely David LaCanne & Denise Dorsey-LaCanne


Nelson Tseng

July 10th, 2017

Itinerary was Perfect

Hi Niki,

My clients had a trip of their lifetime.  They first said the order of the itinerary was perfect, starting at Arusha Coffee Lodge and ending their trip in paradise at Giraffe Manor, which was one of the highlights of their trip.  They got to see animals in different stages, at the beginning, where they were more desperate and also see the differences in the landscape and how that affected the animals and the changes in the happier animals towards the end of their trip.

Claire and Bill made so many new friends with the staff and are planning on keeping touch with them by Facebook.

They enjoyed all the different safari camps, but their favorite was the Olonana Tented Camp.  They commented that at the Satao Elerai,there was no electricity from 11:30 am to 6 pm, so you cannot charge your devices, but they were okay with that.  Guess that property uses their generators at certain times.  They enjoyed viewing the animals coming up to the water hole.

They told me that I must go see the migration as there are no words that can describe what they saw.  Both parties gained weight, and was surprised at how delicious the food was throughout.  Both Claire and Bill also enjoyed visiting the tribes and how they lived and asked a lot of questions.  They also brought coloring books with crayons to give and said they have not seen crayons before.

They said the trip was like clock work, everyone that was supposed to meet or greet them, the guides, drivers, etc. was there early and everyone was so accommodating and cordial.

Thank you for putting together such a perfect itinerary and for your patience and creating such fond memories for the Aisley's that  they will treasure for a lifetime.

Talk to you soon



Drees Aldine Travel

June 7th, 2016

Impressed with Service!

Hi Niki!!

Well, Jamey just got home, and while I haven’t had a chance to “debrief” her – she did send me a quick email saying she had an absolutely amazing time!

Thank you so much for everything you did!  I was SO impressed by your level of service, how easy you made everything, the fabulous travel amenities you sent with their information!!, and how wonderfully priced your product is.

I cant wait to work with you again!!  And hopefully soon!

Thank you so much Niki!!  You are the best!



Cheri & Gene

November 30th, 2015

Thank you Niki, for organizing our fabulous adventures to South Africa!  This trip far exceeded our expectations.

For several months you guided us through the process, answered our questions, provided a packing list, and ensured that we had all required documents.  We were warmly greeted at the airport in Cape Town, and from that point on, we were taken care of every day.  Our hotel accommodations were first class, with first class staff.  Our travel guides were equally first class.  They were prompt for arrivals, provided information during our excursions, and were safe drivers.  The same holds true for the staff at Kapama Private Game Preserve.  Seeing the animals in their natural environment was a remarkable experience.

The people of South Africa are kind, courteous, helpful, informative, and very proud of their country.  We are encouraging our family and friends to experience South Africa, and recommend you as the safari operator for travel to South Africa.

Happy Holidays.

Cheri and Gene

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