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Frequently asked questions





How will you take care of my health and wellbeing?

When you travel with us, you can rest assured your health and wellbeing are our top priority. African Travel is endorsed by the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC), each of our safaris is locally hosted by guides who will ensure that all protocols are adhered to, and who will provide support and guidance to our guests.


How are vehicles cleaned and maintained to ensure they are germ free?

Safari camps, lodges and hotels continue to follow government guidelines regarding vehicle cleaning. Face coverings will be required where mandated. Additionally, all surfaces will be disinfected multiple times per day, to prevent impurities from spreading.


Will travel requirements be subject to different guidelines if I am travelling in a private group?

Whatever style of group travel you choose (independent, small group or private group), all guests will be required to comply with local travel requirements, which is included in your confirmation details.


Will I need to wear a mask the entire time on the tour?

You will need to wear a mask whenever your Safari Guide advises it is mandatory to do so, and as you wish to do so for your own peace of mind and assurance. All guests will be required to comply with local travel requirements, which your local guides will clearly explain to you.


Will I be provided with PPE?

Extra masks, hand sanitizer and gloves will be freely available to all guests, at all times. We also advise all guests to bring their own masks to ensure their comfort, and any PPE they require to feel confident and assured.


Will my trip be cancelled if someone in my group gets sick?

If someone in your group gets sick while travelling, we are not expecting the safari to be cancelled, however it will depend on the specific situation as we will need to follow the advice of local government and health authorities. Your local guide will be on hand to facilitate any required distancing or testing and ultimately, we will take care of you and be with you every step of the way until you are on your flight home.


Certain attractions will be crowded, how are you going to minimize contact with other travelers who are not part of our group?

Currently many attractions have reduced visitor numbers to allow for appropriate physical distancing and to avoid overcrowding. Should these measures not be in place, your local guide will ensure appropriate distancing is maintained.


What happens if I am in a foreign country and that country then closes their borders due to an outbreak of COVID-19?

If a country closes their borders due to an outbreak while you are travelling with us, our operations and guest support teams will work together to help every guest return home safely. If required, we will arrange extra hotel nights for guests who are unable to fly out the same day.

If your flights were booked with us, we would be your contact for the airline and manage this process for you. If your flights were booked independently of us, we can assist you by booking a one-way ticket to return home. Upon your return you would then need to reach out to your insurance company. Any fees incurred would need to be paid by the guest while in destination.


Will there be a specific check-in process upon arrival?

As part of our enhanced arrival protocol, hotels/lodges may check your temperature or complete a health questionnaire.  Restaurants and other vendors may also conduct additional screenings throughout the trip whenever the need arises.


Will you be sharing my contact information with anyone else, such as local health authorities?

To comply with local health authorities, we may be required to collect and share personal information for contact tracing purposes, for example at hotels, restaurants or areas of gathering. This information can then be used by local health departments to alert you if you may have been exposed to COVID-19.




If I book my trip and I then need to change my booking, will my money be safe?

Absolutely. You can choose new dates and/or a new destination prior to final payment without penalties. African Travel is a proud member of The Travel Corporation, which is a stable and solvent company. African Travel is also A member of USTOA (United States Tour Operator Association) and maintains a $1 Million Dollar bond for customer assistance.


Are The Travel Corporation (TTC) and African Travel financially sound?

African Travel is a proud member of TTC, a family owned and operated business who, in their 101st year of business, remain stable and solvent. TTC's incredible legacy, financial strength and integrity mean you can have peace of mind knowing your money is safe. You can read TTC Chief Executive Brett's Tollman's letter of reassurance to all guests at


Will we be refunded for missed inclusions?

Please be assured that we are a responsible and conscientious safari operator with a reputation for providing incredible value to our guests. While some inclusions may be subject to change fees or penalties, wherever possible we will find alternative solutions to ensure your experience is still a remarkable one.




Will I need to have had the COVID-19 vaccination to be allowed to travel with African Travel?

We can customize experiences unique to each traveler’s wellbeing needs. Guests will also need to comply with specific requirements imposed by airlines and/or governments.


How will African Travel be assisting with any mandatory testing required pre, during and post travel?

Any testing that is required pre travel will be the responsibility of the guest to organize, as these requirements will be in accordance with airline policies, and the entry requirements of the destination you are travelling to. All tests during your safari will be confirmed prior to your departure with as little impact as possible to your travel experience. The testing will be at the expense of the guest. Any testing required post travel will again be the responsibility of the guest to organize.


How much time will be taken out of my holiday for required Covid testing?

If testing is need, we arrange for testing to take place at the required time, and with minimal inconvenience. We will be facilitating testing as quickly as possible, and you will be given full information on when and where testing will take place by your Safari Expert prior to your departure. It is also important to note that any testing will be at the expense of the guest.


Will there be any intermittent testing on longer or multi-country trips?

Your Safari Guide will facilitate any testing requirements while you are on safari. Currently testing requirements differ from country to country so the situation but most African countries we work with do not require tests. Rest assured, your Safari Guide will clearly communicate what is required and what you need to do while you are on safari, and as policies are confirmed we will of course keep guests informed and up to date.


If someone in my group tests positive for Covid-19, who pays for the quarantine in a hotel and the associated additional expenses like food, etc.?

Your travel insurance should cover this situation. African Travel will certainly assist with itinerary changes and our operations team will be on hand to navigate logistics in destination. Any out-of-pocket costs will be at the guest's expense.


I have already received my vaccination; will I still need to comply with PCR testing?

Depending on the airline you travel with, you may be required to show proof of vaccination and/or testing, and similarly the destination you are travelling to may have specific requirements with regards to the vaccine and / or testing.  We keep all our guests updated on the latest vaccine and testing requirements.


Is there a specific brand of vaccine that I would need to take to be considered vaccinated by African Travel, or in a specific destination?

Airlines and destinations are not specifying that passengers / visitors must have a specific brand of vaccine if they have a vaccination policy in place, however, the most accepted COVID-19 vaccinations are Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca Vaxzevria, or Johnson & Johnson.


What happens if I test positive on a COVID test pre-departure?

Your travel insurance should cover situations such as this. You will be allowed to travel with a positive  test if your destinations and airlines require a negative test  prior to departure.


What extra steps do I need to take prior to traveling, and how much more will it cost me?

You will be required to purchase travel protection for your safari for unexpected events including accident and illness (such as Covid-19). You will also need to fill out our pre-travel Travel Declaration. In terms of testing requirements, vaccine passports etc., most African countries have lifted their restrictions and we will advise you if testing is needed in your desired destination.  


What happens if I test positive before flying home, or upon re-entering my home country?

If you test positive for Covid-19 prior to flying home, you will need to quarantine in that country for the required number of days as stipulated by the destination and your local government. In this situation, your local guide and our ground support team will defer to the advice of the local authorities, but please be assured we will be able to make necessary arrangements for your accommodations, keep in touch with you and support you until you are able to return home. Any costs incurred for having to quarantine will be at your and/or your insurance provider's responsibility. If you test positive upon re-entering your home country once your trip is complete, you will need to follow the guidelines as stipulated by your local government.




In addition to booking my tour, can I also book my air travel with you?

You certainly can. We have contacts and rates with many airlines and our team can assist with booking your flights. You can either request to add flights at the time of booking, or we can add flights at a later stage.


When should I book my air travel?

We cannot advise on when you should be booking your air travel - this is up to you. African Travel offers competitive airfare rates with flexible rules which allow you to book your airfare now and not pay in full until your payment is due. We suggest booking as far in advance as you know your travel dates to lock in the best fares and routes for your vacation.


What travel insurance do I need to purchase that protects me against Covid related claims?

If you choose to purchase African Travel's own Travel Protection plan, you will have the flexibility to cancel your trip for ANY reason, up to 24 hours before departure. Depending on the plan you select, you will be eligible for either a Future Travel Certificate, or a mix of 60% cash back insurance benefit with a 10% Future Travel Certificate. Both plans include additional coverage for COVID-19.




Will I still have a good time if protocols are in place in a destination?

Absolutely. The protocols we have put in place are there to protect you, but we can assure you that you will still have the same incredible safari experience. Every single itinerary we run is perfectly planned to ensure that you can travel with total ease, combining the perfect blend of must-see sites, game viewing and authentic local experiences. Every aspect of your safari will have been vetted and approved by our local teams and our local guides will be on hand with their personalized approach to ensure you are well looked after.


If I book my safari and then certain sites or experiences are suddenly required to close, how will you ensure my experience is not impacted?

All our safaris are locally hosted, managing these kinds of scenarios is what our team do best. We can assure you that we will adjust your itinerary while still making sure that you have an unforgettable travel experience, that still provides the incredible value for which we are known. You will be updated of these changes (if required) as soon as possible, and your local guide will also keep you well informed while on tour.


How will the buffet style breakfasts be arranged in light of Covid?

The breakfast set up will vary with each hotel/lodge but will always adhere to hygiene protocols and procedures. Some hotels/lodges will provide table service while others will provide served buffets. In all the hotels/lodges we visit, you can be assured that hygiene protocols and procedures have been thoroughly vetted by our team to meet our high levels of satisfaction.


Will I need to wear a mask on my flight?

Whether or not you will be required to wear a mask on your flight will depend on the policy of the airline you are flying with. We highly recommend you check the airline's policies before travelling to ensure you are prepared.



Please call 1-800-421-8907 or email our safari specialists and we will answer all your questions.

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