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The TreadRight Foundation

To date, the foundation has helped support more than 35 sustainable tourism projects worlwide. Its priorities are set by a steering committee sustainability leaders like Celine Cousteau and Costas Christ.


Wilderness Foundation

The Wilderness Foundation SA, another TreadRight program supported by African Travel, is dedicated to protecting South Africa’s endangered rhino. Its multi-pronged approach includes funding anti-poaching efforts and pressuring political leaders into combating the illegal trade in rhino horn. Supporting wildlife crime countermeasures through its Wildlife Operations Group, the foundation has helped fund the purchase of an aircraft used to track and catch poachers.

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“When the Buying stops, the Killing Can Too.” That’s the compelling message delivered by TreadRight’s new partners at WildAid. We support their crucial mission to end the demand for illegal wildlife products. Its intensive initiative focus on protecting elephants, rhinos, tigers, sharks, mantas and other marine life across the globe.

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