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Mirlin Manshon, Product Development Manager

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Before moving to California with her family and joining African Travel, Mirlin Manshon spent a decade in the safari business while living in South Africa. She was a frequent visitor to hotels and safari lodges, learning first-hand which properties were particularly suited to the discerning American market. Mirlin loves creating custom-designed safaris, and is a great source of knowledge for those clients who want to talk to a safari expert who has ‘been there and done that’.


Carole V.

October 30th, 2019

African Travel planned an amazing experience!!!!

We were delighted with every aspect of our travel...from Cape Town to Botswana. Sabi Sabi was beyond our expectations!! The staff, our immaculate accommodations, delicious meals (Chef Dick) and of course our knowledgeable trackers (Candy and Zeb) & rangers (James and Fred) made this a trip of a lifetime! Seeing the big five and tracking leopards, lions and cheetah were a few of the highlights!

Victoria Falls and Livingston were incredible! Loved fishing on the Zambezi River. Chobe Sanctuary has friendly and welcoming staff, immaculate accommodations and wonderful rangers and guides. They introduced us to herds of elephants, splayed giraffes, hippos, crocodiles and so much more!!!!

We highly recommend African Travel, Inc. and all the places they chose for us!!!




June 11th, 2019

Trip of a lifetime to Kenya & Tanzania

Just wanted to let you know what a great job Mirlin has done in planning our trip of a lifetime to Kenya & Tanzania. We have ended up with a group of six and all are excited and can’t wait for next February for our safari to start. 

We are so thankful that our son Jeff G. steered us to your organization and we will be happy to recommend African Travel to our jealous friends when we return with our pictures and stories of our trip.

Best regards, Dave & Barbara H.



October 5th, 2015

Our trip was wonderful. I came back feeling like I have just scratched the surface of Africa and cannot wait to go back. It is definitely not a “once in a lifetime” trip.

We loved Cape Town, but loved our time in Zimbabwe even more. You were right that the Zimbabwean people are the best. Every single person we met was extremely friendly and bending over backwards to make sure we had a good time. Our driver in Zimbabwe, Alex,  truly reflected that. Always a great attitude with a big smile – even when he sat in his van waiting for us while we ate dinner one night.

The Hide was exceptional. The staff there is phenomenal. We could have stayed a couple of extra days. Our last night there, our guide David took us to a place called Imbiza for sundowners which was truly spectacular. Only 5 of us and over 100 elephants around a watering hole. It was simply magic and a wonderful way to end our time in the bush. Saw three of the big five at Hwange. You told us in advance we wouldn’t see rhinos there so we were not disappointed when we didn’t. Didn’t see a leopard either although did come across a baboon freshly killed by a leopard so one was nearby. That’s the thing with a true bush camp experience – no guarantees about seeing specific wildlife. Honestly I would rather have that then be a at a place where they guarantee the Big 5 in the first 24 hours. I can see that at Disney!     

The Vic Falls Safari Club was great and a perfect way to end the trip. We really enjoyed that property. The pampering is very nice and the restaurant at the lodge was awesome.  Vulture Culture was unbelievable. Wow… Just wow! And thank you for the recommendation of The Palm. Such a nice experience dining outdoors on the patio.


I have become the biggest Africa ambassador since coming home and spreading the message that you shouldn’t wait to go to Africa but go as soon as possible. Someone shared a quote that kinda went like “Once you drink the water in Africa, it becomes a thirst that is never quenched”. It’s so true.

We owe you a big thank you. You were so patient with us and did an outstanding job of arranging everything.

Thank you again for this opportunity. It was truly a life changing trip



Lieselotte and Wolfgang

March 18th, 2015

Dear Mirlin, 

I wanted to show you what AMAZING a trip you have created for us!!!  

For more than two weeks now, we traveled a land of absolute enchantment. We saw a cheetah hunt, her body stretched in elegance like an arrow as she ran. We saw lions feed on their prey in the morning sun and watched elephants at 2am as they enjoyed a late night snack in front of our tent. 

We met a Maasai on their way from the village to the next well, five kilometers away, but holding a cell phone in their hand. We landed a hote air balloon in the Serengeti and got soaked dancing in the spray of Victoria Falls. We encountered crocodiles and hippos an arms length away from our canoe in the Okavango Delta, where we shared our tent with baboons and a scorpion. 

After all this we now ended up on Benguarra Island (Mozambique, Indian Ocean), were we found PARADISE! 

I lived my dream!! We LOVED every minute of it!!!

Lieselotte and Wolfgang


John & Tara G

February 17th, 2015

Just a note to say thank you for all your assistance with the Gerber’s trip to South Africa. They sent me the note below and I also spoke with them. They had a “spectacular” time and are looking forward to planning another trip to Africa in the future!

They loved Kariega. The new section was awesome and they were the only couple in residence. They ended up with their own private guide and driver. The guide even took Mr. Gerber to his own private fishing spot one afternoon! 

The rest of the accommodation recommendations were spot on. There was not one thing that could have been better (per Mr. Gerber). 

Once again thank you so much for assisting me in making a “spectacular” trip for my clients. I will be sure to use your services again!


"Tara and I arrived home last Thursday evening.  What a great trip.  We had great weather, made our connections smoothly, had great food and wine, made new friends, made memories, photos and learned a lot about South Africa.

You did a nice job of planning this trip .  You certainly have our utmost confidence in planning our next trip.  Job well done.  

With fading tan I thank you."

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