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Why Madagascar

Sometimes called “the eighth continent” for its biodiversity, Madagascar is home to 5% of all the world’s wildlife and vegetation, most of which is exclusive to the island. Madagascar’s unique flora and fauna is matched by epic landscapes of unbelievable diversity; just 200 miles can take you from desert to rainforest and everything in between.

Dazzling pearl beaches guard some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving sites, and the bustling cities of Central Madagascar are tattooed with fertile rice fields and historical monuments. From the unexplored coral reefs to the rich tapestry of the Mandrare River, you will quickly realize that this mysterious Island of Eden is one of the world’s most remarkable and best-kept secrets. Half the fun is getting to these incredible attractions.


Quick Info

Accommodations: Small city guesthouses, intimate camps and lodges, beach and forest resorts.

Gameviewing: Day and night forest walks to view the different lemur species and unique birds.

Getting Around: Private road transfers, private charter flights and internal domestic air service. The internal air service is somewhat unreliable and requires a degree of flexibility and patience from visitors.

Other Attractions: Community visits, beach stays, seasonal whale watching, orchids and baobabs.


HI/LoF Rainfall
JAN 75/61 10.3"
FEB 75/61 10.3"
MAR 75/61 7.6"
APR 75/61 2.3"
JUN 67/51 0.3"
JUL 67/51 0.3"
AUG 67/51 0.3"
SEP 73/54 0.3"
OCT 77/58 2.3"
NOV 77/58 0.6"
DEC 75/61 10.3"

Madagascar Tours

Add-on $1,795

Sainte Luce Madagascar

5 days from $1,795 per person





This add on to Sainte Luce is the perfect complement to our Magical Madagascar safari. The beautiful white sandy bay, fringed with forest covered mountains and wildlife rich mangroves, is the ideal retreat. Relax into the ebb and flow of the tide, the sound of the local fishermen haggling and the slow unchanging life of the village.

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Add-on $5,495

Magical Madagascar

9 days from $5,495 per person





Step into the magical world of Madagascar.  This active adventure takes you in search of camouflaged chameleons, multiple species of the island’s signature lemurs, prized orchids and brilliantly-plumed birds.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for additional information regarding offers that apply. 



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