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Ruth Zelleke, Senior Air Specialist

Direct Line: 818.649.1953 | E-mail:

Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised between Dakar, Senegal and Paris, France, I was groomed to be a people’s person. While in college, i spent a year at the University of Nouakchott studying the effect of the French language on the Tuaregs and their nomadic culture.  It is during this time, away from everything that I knew that I had an awakening. This awakening would take me back to Agadez, Niger after college where I spent 6 months working with Tuareg women. I then realized that I am a modern day Tuareg who likes to travel and enjoy the colorful west Africa and its cuisine, the high mountains and vast savannas of East Africa, the beaches of the Indian Ocean, the museums and chateaux of Europe…the amazing and mysterious Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

A veteran in international ticketing, I still enjoy the most complicated and amazing itineraries that we piece together here at African Travel.

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