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Welcome to African Travel Safari Bingo

Ready to play bingo African safari style?

For the month of April, play and download the card and compete with our herd on social media.


Step 1. Download or screengrab the card...we have two versions for those who like Instagram Stories vs. Facebook. 





















Step 2. Tick off safari expriences you've done in Africa until you get bingo.













Haven't visited Africa yet? Get creative and re-create one of the African experiences at home.




Step 3. Share your bingo on Facebook or Instagram. In your post, share the completed bingo card (see below) and tell us about the experiences you did and include at least one picture of those experiences too. Make sure and tag @AfricanTravelInc and friends so we can see your bingo and keep the fun going!



Everyone who has bingo during April, will enter a draw to receive one of our African hand-beaded animals. Each bingo submission will count as one entry and you can enter multiple times as long as each submission is unique. Have fun!



​   #WeKnowAfrica

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