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Jessica S.

June 22nd, 2022

Where to begin? ...the trip was AMAZING. 

The Illala Lodge, hotel in Vic Falls, was lovely. I could see the mist of Vic Falls from my balcony, the pool was lovely and a pair of hippos wandered up to graze on the lawn one night as I ate dinner. The Boma dinner was fun - they originally had me at a table by myself but I made friends and joined another table. Also, after the river cruise I bailed on the scheduled dinner and went with a couple locals to get pizza. As they say..."When in Rome.." :)

There aren't many westerners traveling in Africa right now so almost all of my activities were private/small group. My game drive in Botswana/Chobe was just me and another women from Harambe who was in town for the conference. We stumbled upon 50+ elephants on the banks of the Chobe RIver....amazing. 

My flights to Cape Town were smooth/easy. The 12 Apostles Hotel was great. I had the most amazing Sunday brunch, followed by a float and massage in the spa. The Cape Town Wine day tour was my least favorite part of the trip...I had hoped to find some delicious wines to ship home but no such luck. It was more of an introduction to the region vs. a wine tasting trip. The Cape Point tour, on the other hand, was excellent. 

Kruger National Park and Lion Sands: Narita was AMAZING! Hands down, the best. The staff and accommodations were exceptional. I saw the Big 5 and more! I can not recommend this lodge highly enough. It was the pinnacle of my trip.

Overall, I couldn't have asked for anything more. The African Travel folks were great and I had an amazing time. Thank you for helping make it happen - this was a trip of a life time! 


Elizabeth W.

June 6th, 2022

Rosemary and I had an amazing trip, truly unforgettable. Everything went very smoothly and we couldn’t have been happier with every aspect of the trip. We kept saying how great a job Hilda did to make our trip, well...perfect. 

Both safari camps, the game drives, Cape Town, the peninsula tour, Stellenbosch, Babylonstoren, a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls, the village visit in Zimbabwe, all amazing. The African Travel tour guides were the best. Punctual, knowledgeable and so helpful. Seeing the animals up close in all of our game drives was something we didn’t expect, and we got very lucky to see ALL the big five, the little five and the ugly five - with the one exception of a cheetah. Elusive little guys….

We got fabulous pics and videos with our iPhones! I’m still processing it all.

Can’t thank Hilda enough for all you did to make this trip EPIC!! 

We want to go back!


Vicki L.

June 6th, 2022

What a wonderful time we had on our trip. I feel like African Travel takes good care of their clients and we appreciate that. 

With my wrist, I did have challenges. I had to forgo the rhino trekking. The extreme bumpiness of the track prevented me from going out but Gordon did go with the rhino trackers for 2 mornings and saw a rhino both days. 

We had wonderful lion and elephant sightings. The camps' staff were so wonderful and the food is always great. On thing I liked was the different tribes represented in the 3 camps. Himba, Herero and one of the northern clicking tribes (name hard for me to remember) were some we encountered. I had memorized a few Oshiwambo words but did not knowingly encounter anyone who spoke that! All so interesting. 

So glad we were able to finally go on this trip!


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