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John and Olivia Haas

October 5th, 2017

A Maasai warrior named Nyusei who worked at our Lewa camp took a real liking to the boys. He dressed them up as traditional warriors and let them borrow some of his beaded jewelry for a couple days. This was completely separate from our visit to the village.

Also attached are pictures of us enjoying sundowner atop a mountain. The boys had mango juice while I enjoyed a gin and tonic. 





Nicholas R. and Colleen K.

August 23rd, 2017

Life-changing Experience! 

Our experience with African Travel was a life-changing one! We felt that from start to finish. We received excellent, personalized support from our transfers to our rangers. 

Thank you so much for helping us plan such a special trip! Africa is spectacular and we got a taste of a little bit of everything. We had fantastic and knowledgeable guides who made our experience extra special, and everyone we met made us feel welcome. Botwana was particularly special and the Gomoti Plains Camp was our favorite of all the accommodations. Overall, this trip was life-changing to say the least and we are looking forward to traveling with African Travel again! 

Nick + Colleen   

Guests were booked by Danielle Buxbaum from TravelStore Platinum. 




Nelson Tseng

July 10th, 2017

Itinerary was Perfect

Hi Niki,

My clients had a trip of their lifetime.  They first said the order of the itinerary was perfect, starting at Arusha Coffee Lodge and ending their trip in paradise at Giraffe Manor, which was one of the highlights of their trip.  They got to see animals in different stages, at the beginning, where they were more desperate and also see the differences in the landscape and how that affected the animals and the changes in the happier animals towards the end of their trip.

Claire and Bill made so many new friends with the staff and are planning on keeping touch with them by Facebook.

They enjoyed all the different safari camps, but their favorite was the Olonana Tented Camp.  They commented that at the Satao Elerai,there was no electricity from 11:30 am to 6 pm, so you cannot charge your devices, but they were okay with that.  Guess that property uses their generators at certain times.  They enjoyed viewing the animals coming up to the water hole.

They told me that I must go see the migration as there are no words that can describe what they saw.  Both parties gained weight, and was surprised at how delicious the food was throughout.  Both Claire and Bill also enjoyed visiting the tribes and how they lived and asked a lot of questions.  They also brought coloring books with crayons to give and said they have not seen crayons before.

They said the trip was like clock work, everyone that was supposed to meet or greet them, the guides, drivers, etc. was there early and everyone was so accommodating and cordial.

Thank you for putting together such a perfect itinerary and for your patience and creating such fond memories for the Aisley's that  they will treasure for a lifetime.

Talk to you soon


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