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Gail and Robert R

October 27th, 2015

Hi Jennifer,

Gail and I returned from our safari in Tanzania last evening, and as you predicted we had an unbelievable time. It truly was an experience of a lifetime – and with your help and guidance everything went exactly as planned.

Some highlights: 

  • Ranger Safaris were outstanding. They were attentive to our needs, and very willing to accommodate all requests. Our private driver/guide – Phillip Chami – was one of the nicest, most personable – and particularly knowable persons that we have met in a touring/guiding situation. With his knowledge of big game habits and the local environment  every day was an exciting, new adventure – with abundant game sightings. Before he left us – we had seen all big five animals and dozens of others. We were only sorry that he was not with us during our stay up in the Serengeti. (If you have the opportunity when speaking with Ranger Safari management in the future you might let them know how pleased we were). Of particular note was that while on a game drive in Ngorongoro, Phillip received a phone call on his international cell from Ranger Headquarters in the UK. A member of the management team wanted to speak with us to learn about our experience to date and how things were going. Very Impressive!!!!
  • Sanctuary Swala is a very special place. Chris and Mina (the Operations leaders) were very warm and friendly hosts, and the location and accommodations could not be beat. Lions, zebras and elephants at the watering hole just 100 feet from our porch was something we never expected. Meals, both onsite and in the bush were beyond expectation.
  •  Explorians is  a beautiful lodge, the accommodations and the grounds were unbelievable. The ride to the main entrance of the Conservation area is just a few minutes away, and while the ride to the caldera is about 45 minutes away, it is not an issue at all – monkeys all around.
  •  The hand-off from Ranger Safari’s to Klein’s was flawless. A first for me was the landing at Lobo field with zebras on the runway!!!
  •  Kleins Camp. An hour’s drive from Lobo airstrip is at the northern edge of Tanzania. The mountainside location is breathtaking. The Operations Manager – Taiwanda – was always there to make certain  that we were being appropriately cared for. Here too the continental food preparation was dining at its best. As the short rains had begun about two weeks earlier we were able to view the ending of migration. No small event. We viewed 5 different wildebeest and zebra migration streams totaling about 40-50,000 animals.A highlight while on a game drive was to witness a leopard that had just killed a large wildebeest.  The kill occurred about 2-3 minutes  prior to  our arrival.

As planned, we joined others for several of the drives while here. A thought for future consideration – pairing guests who have had similar prior game drive experiences would be beneficial. The combination of “first animal sighting” guests with those looking for particular animals to complete their experience is not always productive.

  • The Coffee Lodge was a great choice as a arrival and departure location.

 There is so much more – but I hope that this gives you the sense of our experience.

 Thanks so  much for all your efforts – we will always remember this as a most wonderful experience!!

Best Regards,

Bob & Gail 


Kent B

October 21st, 2015

The trip really could not have been better. Trip of a lifetime, although I hope you schedule more trips of a lifetime for us in the future. I am sure that you are dying to see 800 pictures or so. Thanks so much for putting this together for us; it was absolutely spectacular!!





Judith & Stanley G

October 21st, 2015

“The trip was a source of many new and memorable experiences that have stimulated the desires to return.”  – Stanley G.

” The entire trip was magical! There wasn’t a thing about it I didn’t “like most. I loved the ability to design the journey that best fit my interests and aspirations. From a personal view point its hard to improve on that” – Judith G. 

“If all African Travel Safari Consultants were Beth Engelhart’s equivalent, African Travel would never receive anything less than an excellent rating. She absolutely tailored our trip to meet every expectation. Thanks!” – Judith G. 

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