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What is the African Travel University? 

With our Agent Academy eLearning program, you'll gain valuable knowledge about African Travel, Inc. and Africa. You'll learn about the experiences your clients will love and the tools and resources to help close the sale. The program features:

  • Unique and informative  tips you can apply to your own business
  • Quick and easy training modules you can complete at your own pace
  • A path to become an African Travel Specialist*, joining an exclusive group of  Africa experts!

What’s in it for me? 

Each course is designed to better understand our transformational experiences so you can sell Africa with greater skill and confidence. This will lead to:

  • Happy customers and further repeat bookings
  • More knowledge = more sales and more profitability
  • Access to exclusive offers, educational trips and events 



Course 1:  African Travel Selling Tools and Resources

In course 1 of the program, you will learn everything you need to know about us from our unique selling points to tools and resources available to you.

Course 2: Africa Destinations Masterclass

In course 2, it’s all about how to find the right traveler, and how to match them to the right Africa. Learn the top reasons to visit a destination, the top experiences and how to target the right clients.

Continuing Your Education: Destination and speciality courses

Each month starting in June 2020, we'll add a course on each of our popular destinations which are also featured in our 2020 Webinar Series. You'll become an expert on South Africa, Botswana and more!



To register for the African Travel University, please visit Once you register, please check your inbox for an email from 'TTC Agent Academy.' This is your login email. 

For more information on TTC Agent Academy, please visit

For any questions or issues, contact



*To join our exclusive group of African Travel Specialists, you must pass the tests for Course 1, 2 and the 2020 webinar series and have sales within the first year of completing your first two courses. African Travel Specialists will receive special marketing resources and access to additional incentives. 

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