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African Travel Difference

Our passion goes beyond the safari. When you hear us say “We Know Africa,” you know you will get the right Africa for you. Our knowledgeable experts have lived and traveled extensively across Africa, and each takes pride in customizing safaris and providing exceptional service. Our guarantee is a trip filled with memorable moments that makes travel matter.


Trekking with gorillas is one of the most rewarding wildlife experiences

Our goal is to help you create the perfect African safari. Whether wanting to witness the great migration, the elusive leopard or trek with mountain gorillas, our team of safari specialists will help you create a journey that goes beyond the mainstream tourist experiences and discovers the heart of Africa.

You can choose to make a vacation more adventurous, more luxurious, better value ... whatever best suits your travel style.



Our team of experts have over 300 years of experience creating the perfect safari.

We first organize a relaxed chat with one of our safari experts, someone who has either lived or traveled extensively throughout Africa and has first-hand knowledge of the desired destinations.

From there your safari specialist will be able to quickly narrow down the assortment of options into a more digestible selection of bespoke experiences based on interest or budget. Whether wanting to visit Kruger, the Serengeti, or discover a hidden gem, we know the places with equally wow experiences and less crowds.

Every safari is unique and customized for each guest, even our small group departures are customized to each guest's needs. You can choose to opt for a private guide throughout or select tours or schedule time to explore on your own. We even guide you on when and how much to spend on tipping (or prepay tips).




Botswana Zebra Secret Migration
The zebra migration in Botswana is known as the second largest zebra migration in the world

With our knowledge and partner relationships we know the best private reserves and conservancies so you can enjoy more wildlife sightings instead of hordes of jeeps sharing the experience.

If there are certain animals you want to see, we will guide you to the best places to see them. Seeing rhinos may be high on your list while your loved one has a fondness for spotting birds. Same for city experiences – tailor a unique adventure with local guides based on personal interests whether you love coffee, art, outdoor escapes or more.




Botswana Mokoro
There is no experience more connected to Botswana's Okavango Delta than a journey through its reed-lined channels in a mokoro.

Once you have narrowed the safari destinations and bucket list experiences to cross off and we have designed the perfect journey, we get you ready to depart. We guide you through pre-departure requirements including immigration paperwork and changing travel restrictions, including a pre-departure call to review the final itinerary and answer any last-minute questions.

Packing tips are provided beforehand as well as a stylish duffle bag for flights in the bush. Select laundry services on safari are included to minimize taking a lot of clothes.

Upon arrival, we provide meet and greet services to help navigate a new airport and transfers and additional meet and greets throughout Africa. If needed, we arrange any heath & screening testing (at additional cost) during your time in Africa.

While we plan for every detail, should you need any assistance while traveling our local guest services support team is reachable by mobile and What's App and available 24 hours, 7 days a week.



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