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Grootbos Private Nature Reserve: LUXURY IN HARMONY WITH NATURE

Discover the splendor of the Cape Floral Kingdom and the incredible marine life of the southern tip of Africa at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Nestled in an ancient Milkwood forest surrounded by rolling hills of fynbos and majestic mountains, Grootbos is a luxurious paradise with breathtaking views of mountain and sea. It's the perfect base to explore all the magnificent attractions of the Cape, offering an extensive variety of guided experiences and luxurious facilities.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve Activities

At Grootbos, guests are invited to indulge in a collection of curated experiences that are inspired by the pristine surroundings and designed with conservation and community at their core. From exploring the natural beauty of the fynbos to discovering the fascinating local wildlife and immersing yourself in the vibrant local culture, there's something for everyone at Grootbos. Come and discover the magic of Grootbos, where every experience is carefully crafted with you in mind.


4x4 Flower Safari

Experience the natural wonders of Grootbos on a 4x4 botanical safari.
Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Cape Floral Kingdom

Experience the natural wonders of Grootbos on a 4x4 botanical safari. Journey through shaded glades, fields of flowers, and mountain peaks, while discovering fascinating insights. With 907 recorded plant species spread over 3500 hectares, learn about fynbos and forest and touch, smell, and see natural miracles. Discover sunbirds' relationship with flowers, unique honey from our bees, and the importance of fires in rejuvenating this vibrant ecosystem. Be amazed by the six new species never discovered by science before. Grootbos will change the way you see the world's plants and flowers forever.


Horse Riding

Experience Horse Riding at its best at Grootbos
Experience Horse Riding at its best at Grootbos

Experience the breathtaking landscape of Grootbos on horseback and discover the unique thrill of exploring this stunning region from a different perspective. Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned rider, the specially trained horses offer a tailored experience that matches your level and temperament. Take a leisurely ride through the fynbos or gallop across the sand dunes with the wind in your hair and exhilaration pumping through your veins. With years of experience in dealing with these magnificent animals, Grootbos' expert guides will ensure you have an unforgettable adventure. Don't just visit Grootbos, experience it on horseback.


Whale Watching

Get ready for an unforgettable encounter with the gentle giants of the deep at Grootbos. Each year, the majestic Southern Right Whales migrate from the icy Antarctic to our warm, sheltered bays to mate, calve, and raise their young. And there's no better place to witness this awe-inspiring spectacle than from the pristine natural environment of Walker Bay. As a whale lover, you'll appreciate the unparalleled proximity to these magnificent creatures and the chance to witness them in their natural habitat. Get ready to be spellbound by the breathtaking sight of these peaceful giants at Grootbos, where the experience is truly the best in the world.


Marine Safari

Witness the Marine Big 5 in their natural habitat at one of the few places in the world that offers such a diverse range of marine wildlife. See whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, and penguins as they feed, frolic and play. The eco-friendly tour is led by experienced marine biologists and guides. Enjoy close encounters with thousands of Cape Fur Seals, Great White Sharks, and bottlenose dolphins surfing right by the boat. 


Coastal Safari

Watch some of the best sunsets you’ve ever seen or enjoy a romantic walk.
Watch some of the best sunsets you’ve ever seen or enjoy a romantic walk.

Escape to a world where time stands still and nature takes center stage. Grootbos boasts some of the most pristine and unspoiled beaches in the world, where you can sink your toes into untouched white sand and feel the rhythm of the earth beneath your feet. Discover the origins of early man on a guided cave tour along the dramatic limestone cliffs of De Kelders, where you'll be transported back to a Stone Age world and see how the Khoi bushman called these caves home. Or simply relax, unwind and soak up the sun as you take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the ocean. Our experienced guides will show you all the best spots, while our delicious picnic baskets will satisfy your hunger for adventure. Come and experience the magic of Grootbos, where every moment is an opportunity for exploration and discovery.


Walks and Hikes

Best way to explore the hidden trails of the forest - on a Guided Walk
Best way to explore the hidden trails of the forest - on a Guided Walk through the Milkwood forest

Escape to nature and let Grootbos rejuvenate your senses. Immerse yourself in our enchanting Milkwood forest or tackle the fynbos-clad mountains. Choose from self-guided or guided walks to learn about the fascinating eco-systems. Marvel at the beauty of a King Protea, inhale the scent of buchu or simply listen to the peaceful silence. Surprises await you at every turn, from sunbirds sipping nectar to breathtaking ocean views. Return to your suite feeling refreshed and re-energized. Let Grootbos take you on a journey of discovery and indulge in the tranquility of nature.


Mountain Biking

Be immersed in nature as you ride amongst unique fynbos
Best way to explore the hidden trails of the forest - on a Guided Walk through the Milkwood forest

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as you bike through the pristine wilderness of Grootbos. Race through lush vegetation and take in breathtaking views of fynbos-clad hills, vineyards with shimmering blue dams, and the mesmerizing coastline of Walker Bay. After a thrilling day, unwind in your luxury suite with panoramic views of Walker Bay and relive your epic ride.


Bird Watching

A unique coastal birding hotspot
Double-collared Sunbird gathering nectar

Upon arrival at Grootbos, the delightful birdsong will instantly give away that bird watching here is like no other. With 118 bird species, including 26 endemics, it's the perfect place for both bird enthusiasts and novices to experience a rich and diverse birding adventure. Watch the orange glow of a Sunbird, the sweet sight of a Cape Sugarbird or the elusive Black Harrier. With Afromontane forests, peaceful estuaries and rugged coastlines as your backdrop, our knowledgeable guides will provide a wealth of information while helping you locate rare and indigenous birds feeding and breeding in various ecosystems.


Living The Future Tour

Every action has a positive impact.
The entire Grootbos experience has been designed around Progressive Tourism

Experience a tour like no other, as you discover how the entire Grootbos experience is designed around benefiting the local community and environment. Get ready to learn, connect and witness the positive impact of our various projects that are changing lives and conserving this protected wilderness. Every action taken at Grootbos from the freshly grown tomatoes on your plate to the recycled candles in your room, is about creating sustainable livelihoods for the people who call this unique area home. Join a tour with heart and be part of a vision for a better world.


Lady Stanford River Cruise

Lady Stanford River Cruises
Lady Stanford River Cruises

Experience the serene beauty of the countryside while cruising down the Klein River from Stanford to the Hermanus Estuary aboard the Lady Stanford. Look out for flamboyant flocks of Flamingos and Blue Swallows as you indulge in the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountain ranges. This exclusive luxury boat cruise is perfect for nature lovers, with experienced guides pointing out a variety of birdlife. The Lady Stanford comfortably accommodates up to 26 passengers, fully equipped with birding books, binoculars, blankets, and an eco-friendly toilet. Immerse yourself in the pristine environment and soak up the peaceful countryside.


Scenic Flights

A scenic flight around this area is an experience of a lifetime.
A scenic flight around this area is an experience of a lifetime.

Experience the beauty of the region like never before with a scenic flight. From up high, see up to 60 whales playing in the waves, take in stunning vineyards, rugged shorelines with shipwrecks and mountain peaks amidst the clouds. You won't disturb the natural world below while enjoying a privileged view of marine life. Step into a small plane and be captivated by the breathtaking scenery of Grootbos and its surroundings. With whole pods of whales mating and playing in season, the view from above is unmatched. Why not take a tour that includes Table Mountain, Cape Point, and the southernmost tip of Africa?

Our Favorite Places to Stay

Forest Lodge

View from Grootbos Forest Lodge
View from Forest Lodge Suite over pool

Discover a world of luxury and serenity set amidst the beauty and mystery of an ancient Milkwood forest. The secluded suites, unique immersive experiences and world-class cuisine are enhanced by the warm hospitality and panoramic views of Walker Bay.


Garden Lodge

Pool area of Garden Lodge at night
View from Garden Lodge at night

Panoramic views, luxury comforts, and world-class culinary excellence makes the Garden Lodge experience unforgettable. Learn more about this carbon-negative, charming and luxurious eco-lodge.


Private Villas

The villas are the last word in secluded luxury and allow guests to unwind, indulge and reconnect. A villa of six bedrooms and another of four bedrooms boast exquisite ocean vistas and come with a private chef, butler, nature guides and a fully-equipped kitchen, lounge, dining room, barbeque area, outdoor pool, gym, wine cellar, and large outside decks. Experience a home-away-from-home in an environment of unsurpassed tranquillity.




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