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Why visit Kafue National Park?

Kafue is Zambia's oldest national park and the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the world. Spread over such a vast area, Kafue National Park offers visitors an unusual safari experience: excellent big game viewing with barely another vehicle in sight. The beautiful Busanga Plains, in the north, stretch as far as the eye can see and are one of Zambia’s most significant wetland resources. Fertile dambos situated in the south are fed by the Lunga, Lufupa and Kafue Rivers – prime locations for viewing some of the 500 species of birds found in the park.

The highlight of a Kafue safari is the grassy seasonal floodplains. The grazing grounds for substantial numbers of red lechwe and puku antelope as well as herds of buffalo and wildebeest, all of which are preyed on by cheetah, wild dog, spotted hyena and lion. Along with great game viewing, part of the magic of Busanga lies in its scenery: expect spectacular pink sunrises punctuated by the silhouettes of antelope feeding in the early morning mist.

Activities in the park include game drives, guided walking safaris and night drives in search of leopards. Lodges can also arrange motor boat safaris (many use green technology here so you will truly have a silent safari) and canoe trips to see hippos and crocodiles in Kafue's rivers and birders are sure to add a few ticks to their life lists - a staggering 490 bird species have been recorded in the park.

 This is the only park in Zambia where you can experience a hot air balloon safari.


Where to stay in Kafue?

Chisa Busanga

Zambia Luxury Safari Lodge
Rooms were inspired by the weaver bird nests that decorate the local trees.

Chisa is the Nyanja word for ‘birds nest’, and the rooms were inspired by the weaver bird nests that decorate the trees here. Sitting on a small tree-lined island, the camp uses only solar power as do the game drive vehicle and bicycles used to explore the watery dambos beyond.

Chisa Busanga Camp celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of the Busanga Plains, a place that will leave an indelible imprint on your mind.


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