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Need More Reasons to Visit Zambia?

Zambia may be known for its pristine nature and wildlife, yet is also offers other unique cultural experiences and adventures.


Zambia’s capital city does not have any grand museums. yet the city's genuine African feel, cosmopolitan populace and quality restaurants and accommodation are reason enough to spend a night or two. 

Guests interested in learning more about Zambia's history and culture can visit the Lusaka National Museum. Explore exhibits dedicated to the pre- and post-independence history of Zambia, as well as contemporary paintings and sculpture. There are many great art and artisans found around the boutique hotel Latitude 15 Degrees which also showcase local arts in its unique design.


Kasanka Bat Migration

Between October and December, an estimated five million fruit bats migrate to the forests of the Kasanka National Park located in Serenje, a town in the Central Province of Zambia. The bats feed on the abundant masuku (local fruit with a plum like taste) before they continue their journey to the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. To experience the second largest mammal migration in the world, head to Kasanka National Park by road from Lusaka.


Kuomboka ceremony

Zambia Luxury Safari
Kuomboka Traditional Ceremony

There are over 72 tribes in Zambia, many of whom celebrate their rich cultural heritage through traditional ceremonies. These ceremonies celebrate harvests or recreate successful military conquests. One of the most colorful of these ceremonies is the Kuomboka of the Lozi tribe of Western province. Held at the end of the rainy season (usually April), it recreates the King’s movement from one of his palaces called Lealui which was located in a flood plain to Limulunga on higher ground. The highlight of the ceremony is the large boats the Litunga (King) travels in called the Nalikwanda, which features a huge model elephant, as well as the rowers who row the boats in perfect synchronization.


Lundazi Castle

The eastern province of Zambia doesn’t have much to see, which is why the placement of Lundazi Castle might seem odd. Built in the late-1940s as a Norman-style brick castle by a district officer called Errol Button, it was initially called ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ before being renamed Lundazi Castle when it became a government rest house.


Bird Spotting in Lochinvar

Lochinvar National Park is an impressive bird sanctuary, with 428 species recorded in a small area, the white pelican, flamingo, cattle egret and the wattled crane to name a few. There are no dangerous mammals in Lochinvar, apart from buffalo. Therefore, walking in the park is permitted and encouraged. 


Bangweulu Shoebills

Zambia Luxury Safari
Shoebills are the ultimate fans of large, rich, dense marshes, wetlands, and swamps.

Bangweulu means 'the place where the water meets the sky'. The Great Bangweulu Basin is the best place to capture a sighting of Africa’s swamp king, the African Shoebill. Take a trip to the swamps in search of this prehistoric-looking and extremely elusive bird. Tracking them down on foot or in dugout canoes is part of the unique experience that makes it a bucket list safari.


Mwela Rock Art Paintings

In the out skirts of Kasama, there are a series of rock outcroppings containing hundreds of paintings from Stone Age communities. It’s one of the largest collections of such paintings in all of Southern Africa.


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