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African Beach Escapes
Luxury Safari Add-Ons

Beach Paradises To Add To Your Safari

After a thrilling safari adventure, a serene beach escape provides a peaceful retreat—a chance to replenish and rejuvenate. Africa's idyllic island havens offer pristine coastlines, endless sunshine, and an array of water activities to invigorate the senses. Beyond relaxation, these coastal retreats unveil a cultural tapestry, inviting exploration of local traditions and culinary delights. Below, we present a curated selection of coastal escapes that can seamlessly complement your safari adventure.



Home to pristine, less-traveled beaches, Mozambique is an ideal destination for remote honeymoon, family or adventure retreats. Its long, dune-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, well-preserved corals and remote archipelagos offer experiences for a variety of travelers. Explore a wealth of sights, sounds, tastes and experiences through its fascinating cultural mix of Arab and Portuguese historical influences.

Rediscover your sense of wonder in one of the most unique, iconic and biodiverse places on earth. Explore the exotic and magical land of lemurs and chameleons, marvel at the untouched coral reefs and rare marine life that surrounds you, or just relax together over champagne sundowners or a private beach picnic.


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Family Safari Family Safari


Mark Twain was right in saying that, ‘Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.’ The tiny Indian Ocean island once the home of the flightless dodo, now extinct, offers guests white flour sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, rich culture and perfect weather. The island caters to adventure seekers, foodies, beachcombers, birdwatchers and hammock-dwellers alike. Mauritius is easily accessible from Johannesburg, making the island a perfect destination to relax and rejuvenate after a Southern Africa safari.

An unspoiled tropical paradise, the group of Seychelles islands hold some of the most exciting coastal scenery in the world and complements an African safari experience perfectly.


family-friendly safari family-friendly safari


Family Safari Family Safari


Set off the coast of Tanzania, opposite Dar es Salaam, the exotic island of Zanzibar is still a little-known gem. Characterized by sandy beaches and fringed by coral reefs, Zanzibar is the perfect place to relax after an East Africa safari adventure.




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