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Largay Travel Inc

February 15th, 2015

I wanted to let you know that I spoke to my client all was absolutely terrific!

I don’t know if you saw their pictures that she posted on the hike for Kili, but they could not have been happier.  She said everything ran like clockwork, and they LOVED LOVED LOVED their guides for both Rwanda and Kili!!  She is Facebook friends now with most of them!  

She said that her husband was so moved by the days in Rwanda that he actually cried….she said she could not believe it but he was so in awe of the area and what he was seeing that he was very emotional. The Kili hike was amazing, they were so extremely happy with everything….just terrific!!

She is so extremely happy with the entire trip, and I cannot thank you enough for your patience, for answering all of my 1,000 questions, and for delivering on a very important client for me.  

I’m sure that they will return again…

Largay Travel, Inc.

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