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African Travel Cares - Join Us!

April 11th, 2016, by Sherwin Banda

#AfricanTravelCares - Join Us!

African Travel strives to really make a difference in the threats facing Africa, and one successful way to do this is through the act of Volunteer Travel. We offer unique and exciting programs that encourage travelers to actively participate in conservation and the protection of endangered wildlife, ecosystems and communities. These Volunteer Travel options give our guests the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in Africa and can range from one day to entire itineraries, depending on your interests and availability.

Possible Volunteer Travel projects include spending a day assisting with childcare and educational programs at a township nursery school; assisting in greening a community located in a disadvantaged neighborhood by planting trees or a garden; building and delivering classroom desks to a rural school; simply reading to local children; assisting with homework and crafts; or coaching a sports program at an after school program.



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