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Building a Rhino Boma

July 4th, 2017, by Katherine Watts

What’s a rhino boma?

A boma is an enclosure for an animal or animals. The rhino boma at Shamwari Game Reserve is used as a safe haven to rehabilitate injured or orphaned rhino until they are strong enough to be released back into the wild.

African Travel, Inc. and Lion World Travel staff recently traveled to South Africa and had the opportunity to help build a rhino boma for the current rhino “crash,” – Noelle, Winston and Chip at Shamwari.

Noelle, Winston and Chip.


Learn more about Noelle, Winston and Chip and their journey at Shamwari here.

From digging to drilling to nailing, staff helped build a larger enclosure for the rhino crash. Here are a few photos of their labor.

Lucille Sive, CEO of The Travel Corporation’s Africa Division hard at work helping to assemble a new fence.


Lion World Travel Safari Consultant, Hanene and African Travel, Inc. Product Manager, Susannah working together to take down a fence.


Mirlin, African Travel, Inc. Product Manager digging a hole for the new enclosure.


A team photo in front of the new enclosure.


Thank you to Shamwari for the opportunity to help with rhino conservation. Are you interested in learning how you can help? When guests book Majestic South Africa, we will be donating $50 per couple, in their name, to go towards building a new rhino boma at Shamwari. 

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